Last weekend was GOOD

I was lucky enough to attend the Good: street food + design market this Sunday. It was a really cool event that I'd love to somehow be a part of in the future.

GOOD: street food + design market
(I learned the hand on the hip trick from a recent How to take flattering pics post on the Benefit blog.)

If you are local, and you'd like to read more about the market, check out my post on the IndieSacramento blog.

The rest of my weekend (and week) have been spent doing last minute prep for my sister's wedding shower this weekend. I was hoping to share more photos of the process but this week has just been CRAZY. You'll see...

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the dress is Jessica Simpson, purchased from Ross.


lauren said...

I want to participate! Let me know if you want to share a space? Get your party planning promotional package together :)

emma said...

you look amazing! congratulations on working hard and looking so good!

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