First things first. Leslie, if you are reading this, GO AWAY! Steer clear of my of my blog until AFTER the shower. ABSOLUTELY NO PEEKING. (Love you, Sissy!)

.......................is she gone?....................okay, good.

Now that that is out of the way, on to my blog post...

After a friend divulged her secret resource for getting die-cut cards printed (sorry, I can't share the resource with you), I designed invitations inspired by the ones in this post. I wanted to add some DIY touches as well so I added aqua envelope liners to kraft colored envelopes (both purchased from Chelsea Paper on Etsy).

I tied the invites to a piece of gold cardstock to give them more weight, and also because I wanted an excuse to incorporate baker's twine.


And here is the back-side of the invite (I purposely blurred out the phone numbers).


I also designed some pretty return address labels and hand addressed each envelope with a pretty light pink pen.

My sister has seen the invites, of course, but I wanted to get rid of her so I could show you something else I've been working on.

For the shower, I am planning a dessert and candy bar, complete with a lollipop tree. After scouring Etsy for lollipops, I decided that they were not in my budget...but my budget COULD include supplies to make my own. It turns out lollipops are really cheap to make! My first batch didn't turn out so great but after following this tutorial I feel like I'm ready to be a contestant on Sweet Genius.


The "tree" is actually a Styrofoam cone that I covered in ribbon. Tip: Be sure to use special Styrofoam glue because the regular kind eats Styrofoam!

To insert the lollipops, I simple took an X-Acto knife and made a tiny "X" where I wanted to insert each stick.


I found some fabric "scrapbook paper" at Michaels for the flag. I trimmed the fabric with a paper trimmer and used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock so that I could run it through my printer for the "Love is sweet" lettering. Then I cut the fabric into a pennant shape and hot glued it to a paper stripey straw. The straw just sticks into the Styrofoam at the top of the cone. Really easy and visually appealing.

Stay tuned for more "sneak peaks" as the shower draws closer!


lauren said...

Everything looks so adorable! Leslie is so lucky to have such a sweet sis!

Geek+Nerd said...

Wow - the invites and the lollipops are ADORABLE! Lucky sister indeed :)

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