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I really liked the Things I’m Afraid to Tell You initiative that was spread around the blog-o-sphere by Jess from Make Under My Life and EZ from Creature Comforts. I think that it was a very positive way to deal with a major issue in the blogging realm. Instead of calling people out, a huge collection of bloggers took a step back, took a look at themselves, and did something POSITIVE to try to make a change within the blogging community.

There are some people in the blogging community who, on the other hand, are bringing up a very similar issue, but in not such a positive way.

The argument is that certain lifestyle bloggers always appear so perfect on their blogs that they make everyone else feel bad for not being so perfect. Although a little true, I think it’s also a little silly. Believe me, I have been known to bear some major insecurities for some really ridiculous reasons. Like one Christmas I bawled my eyes out because I couldn’t get the sugar cookies right. I literally thought I ruined Christmas. I can laugh about it now.

I guess there are some blogs that are meant to portray reality and some that are meant to be an escape from reality. Personally, I like the escape from reality blogs. I like seeing the pretty AFTER photos that inspire me to make the little corners of my life prettier. I don’t want to see massive piles of dirty laundry or the huge mess that was made while creating that pretty DIY – I can see all of that at my own place!

I know that those pretty lifestyle blogs aren’t 27/7 reality. I realize that bloggers clean their homes before a home tour. I do. I know that sometimes those bloggers occasionally wear 3 day old jeans and put their hair in  ponytail. I do. And I can’t criticize them for not portraying realistic body types to the public because (1) those are their real bodies and (2) if I want more realistic body types in blogland then I’d better start setting the example by sharing more photos of myself.

I’m not saying I never get caught up in the perfectness of it all. Sometimes I do feel like I don’t measure up. Sometimes I have unrealistic expectations of myself. But it’s one of those silly moments of insecurity that passes when I remember that blogs aren’t 100% real life. It’s not any particular blogger’s fault that I have those moments of insecurity because nobody has the power to make me feel bad about myself. Only I have that power.


Kate said...

I appreciate your post; it struck a chord with me.

My issue with blogland lately is how unoriginal everything seems, everyone wearing the same trends en masse. But, the thing about it is this: you get to CHOOSE what you read. So, in my case, I'm on the hunt to find smaller, cooler, original blogs. And in the case you're writing about, people should seek to read the types of blogs they will enjoy, not something that is going to make them feel bad about themselves! With thousands of blogs created every day there's something out there for everyone.

Comparison is the thief of joy. It's impossible not to do it sometimes, but you're absolutely right that we have the power!!

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Amy Cluck said...

Well said! I see both sides of the issue - I think like you said, choosing not to read is always an option.

Mrs. Chic said...

I really like what you said, I've been blogging for a few years now and love it. My life for sure isn't perfect and I do my best to share my real life hits and misses - in the end all we can do is be ourselves and people can decide if they want to read or not :)

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