Food Truck Heaven

Darryl and I headed to Sacto MoFo a couple weekends ago to try some mobile food from local food trucks. The event was awesome but due to the crowds we ended up waiting 45+ minutes for our food in the heat and truck fumes, and needless to say, it left us a little cranky.

Since I've been following many of the local food trucks on Twitter and Facebook, I saw that several of them were going to be parked in Darryl's neck of the woods on Friday night. I suggested we meet up in the parking lot (on the way home from work) for a mini dinner date.

I was a little bit worried because I really wanted to stick to my diet this weekend, after splurging on drinks last weekend for Raise Pints to Raise Hope. I posted a comment on the Local Kine Shaved Ice Facebook page asking if they had any sugar free flavors. I mostly stay away from sugar substitutes but it's a nice way to treat myself once in awhile. To my surprise, not only was the answer "Yes" but they asked what my favorite flavors were and said those would be the sugar free flavors for the month. Talk about service!

When we arrived, I was disappointed to see that none of the vendors sold salads (other than the pasta variety) so we settled on gyros from Fuzion Eatz (their Rosemary's Burger is one of the best burgers I've ever eaten, btw). At the last minute, I asked if they could make me a salad by chance. The chef listed off a bunch of items he could put on it (chicken, roasted peppers, cucumber, feta) and I gladly accepted. Darryl ordered the Pedro Villa gyro.
My salad was SO delicious! I really felt like I was getting a treat. It was basically a gyro without the bread. Darryl said his gyro was outstanding as well.


Next we hit up Local Kine for some Hawaiian shaved ice. I got a rainbow of sugar free flavors: rootbeer, pineapple, and cherry. YUM! There was a little bit of an artificial taste, as there is with all sugar free foods, but it was still really good. The rootbeer was the best, you couldn't even tell it was sugar free. 


I love supporting local establishments and these food trucks really aim to please! And when you are trying to eat healthy, never hesitate to ask for a special order - you may be surprised by how accommodating restaurants (and food trucks!) can be.


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