33 Things Report Card

Since it's almost my birthday, I'd like to share my progress on my "33 Things" list from the last year. I didn't complete all of the goals and would like to move most of those un-finished ones to my "34 Things" list. A few of my goals have changed as priorities have shifted and they aren't so important to me now.

For instance, I'm not quite sure what to do with my blog. I love having a creative outlet and I'll never stop blogging, but its hard to run a blog like a business (get sponsors, post regularly, etc.) when you work full time and have other priorities. I'm always juggling more balls than I can handle, it's just a matter of which ball gets dropped. Sometimes that ball has to be my blog.

A goal for next year would be to figure out a way to integrate blogging and creativity better into my daily life, in a way that is rewarding and not stressful. Jaymi has come up with a plan to bring crafting back as a regular activity in our lives, and I am pretty excited about it. I've found that crafting "for fun" is a good way to help the creative process along and will guide me towards my blog/business goals.

I have lots to look forward to this year.

33 Things to do before I turn 33

1. Go to the gym AT LEAST 4 times per week, every week. I need to work harder on this one!

2. Learn to eat more "clean" - more fresh foods, less processed junk. I need to work harder on this one too!

3. Get up to (at least) 1,500 followers. The way people are following blogs is various and changing so I'm not sure that this goal still applies?

4. Go dancing.

5. Go sledding & make a snowman.

6. Take more photos (for real).

7. Start taking sponsors on my blog. I started to!

8. Go zip lining.

9. Go hiking in Tahoe.

10. Go camping.


11. Get a dog. I'd LOVE to but it doesn't fit my current living situation. Hopefully this coming year!

12. Get a new car. Or a new to me car.

2010 Toyota Matrix

13. Decorate a new home (house or apartment).



14. Shop at Trader Joes more.

15. Host a house-warming party. I didn't host a house-warming party per se, but I AM having a few friends over to celebrate my birthday this weekend.

16. Host a holiday or holiday party.

17. Go to the beach – a warm one!

18. Buy a new bathing suit.

19. Go on a road trip (maybe to Springfield).

20. Go somewhere with my dad (just him and I).

21. Visit my sister in the bay area and have a “girls” day.

22. Re-evaluate my business goals - maybe focus on my blog instead?

23. Blog makeover.

24. Buy a new TV. I no longer get TV reception since getting cable internet (long story) so I've been watching "TV" on the internet. A TV isn't really a priority right now but I'm keeping an eye out for deals.

25. Make cute mini donuts.

mini donuts

26. Learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

27. De-clutter. Turn up the music and clean.

28. Start jogging. FAIL

29. See a movie by myself.

30. Go on a date.

31. Have my wisdom teeth tooth removed.

32. Go shopping at Walmart at Midnight. Okay, I didn't do this one, but I DID go to the mall at 5am on Black Friday. I think that satisfied my "let's go shopping at odd hours" craving.

33. Laugh more. Live more. Love more. Always a work in progress!

Well, that's it! I need to get started on my "34 Things" list!


Jenn said...

Looks like you did pretty well on your goals, I love seeing lists like these!!

I agree that you should blog more often ;) I miss seeing all those regular updates.

Geek+Nerd said...

I'm doing a similar list leading up to my next birthday. Kudos on the goals you have achieved!

Question about the jogging - Did you try and fail? Or have you just failed to try? If it's the former - hit up my e-mail. I am in love with running after swearing I would never do it - I might be able to offer a little insight (if you need it). :)

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