Business Card Envy

Several weeks ago, I held a giveaway for free business cards from NextDayFlyers.com. I had never used this company before and wasn't quite sure what to expect so I wanted to report back, now that I've received my free cards.

new business cards

First of all, customer service was very helpful and quick to respond. I received my business cards in record time (though to be fair, the company is located in California, where I live). Lastly, I was impressed with the quality of the cards - they definitely turned out just as nice as the business cards I usually order. You can see that I worked a few social networking sites into the design as well. I'm SO excited to finally have new cards for BOTH my businesses!


lauren said...

Love the cards, the two-sidedness is just awesome!

Geek+Nerd said...

Pretty! I do not sell crafts anymore, but I feel like I should have something like a calling card for all of my internet haunts.

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