Photo Challenge Days 23-28

Opps, I've been a bit behind on posting my photo challenges. I have a little idea for my own photo challenge for next month. I'm thinking something like "30 days of shoes" - a challenge to wear and photograph a different pair of shoes every day for a month. What do you think???

Photo Challenge Day 28: Daily Routine
photo challenge
Starbucks is more of a treat than a daily routine. But you can see part of my desk in the background.

Photo Challenge Day 27: After Dark
photo challenge

Photo Challenge Day 26: Something Old
photo challenge
Thrifty find, Mid-Century chaffing stand (Pink Pyrex from my collection).

Photo Challenge Day 25: Sunflare
photo challenge

Photo Challenge Day 24: A Smile
photo challenge
Smiling deer. My favorite re-usable shopping bag.

Photo Challenge Day 23: Sunset
photo challenge


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