Photo Challenge Day 2: What I Wore

I tried to take photos of the whole outfit but I didn't like how any of them turned out so you get a close-up instead.

What I Wore

dress: Target
necklace: made by me
red belt, not pictured: my closet
red pin-up heels, not pictured: Mervyns
nautical sweater: Bosa Nova Baby

Photo Challenge


Rebecca said...

I love the red! x

Lu said...

I loooove those swallow necklaces, they are sooo pretty!!! :) Mine I won in the giveaway hasn't arrived yet, but I suppose it just takes a long time for mail to be delivered from the US to Germany. Can't wait to receive it and to have such a pretty necklace myself! :)

katie jean said...

I tried on this dress too :) Looks sweet on you, on me, not so much. and the necklace is sweet!

Mandy @ This Girl's Life said...

I have that same dress! Love it with the red. :)

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