hello again

Hi, everyone! I'm sorry about my lack of creative posts lately, I have had about a million things on my mind, including enjoying the outdoors because Summer will be gone before we know it.

P.S.) Have I told you that my sister is ENGAGED?! I am SO excited for her and am SO looking forward to the year ahead.

My little sister is getting married!

Expect some shower related posts in the near-ish future!

Thanks for sticking with me - and don't forget to enter my Facebook giveaway!



Katie said...

Congrats to your sister! :)


pinksuedeshoe said...

Cute pic! (But is that date right? Is she already married or is it next year?) I love your 30 day photo project posts. I've been inspired!

Amy Cluck said...

OPPS! Good catch - thank goodness it's not her REAL Save the Dates! Haha. I fixed the date and now you and I are the only ones who will ever know! Wink wink.

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