Get Your Party On: Weekly Round Up

These lovely photos make me wish everyday could be filled with party decorations and brightly colored cupcakes....Wait...it can't?

Source: google.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Amy on Pinterest


Melissa Haworth said...

Hey Amy--I'm not sure whether to show these posts to my daughter or not. We're in birthday party planning mode and she already has LOTS of ideas but not all are feasible :) It's a "Fancy Nancy" b-day based on the Fancy Nancy books so we'll need lots of fancy elements--maybe the tissue garland and certainly some fancy cake/cupcake. Hmm, maybe I'll start a pinterest board for her party--nothing like brainstorming on your blog :)

alex said...

Lovely findings! Ah, I love the cupcakes, everything in here looks so colorful and happy, just like your whole blog! I love it!

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