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I'm really loving taking photos on my iphone with the Instagram app. I love it because I have the ability to take photos at my fingertips without having to lug my camera around. I love having the ability to use filters to make my photos pretty and how easy is is to share those photos. I especially love how easy it is to take eye-catching photos of just about anything - photos that would only be so-so if taken with a regular camera.

I recently found the Photojojo and instantly signed up to their subscribe list. Who wouldn't love a site dedicated to creative photography? Even better, many of the articles on the site and products that Photojojo carries are specifically for camera phones.

For instance, these cell phone lenses are on my must-have list.


Then, check out a tutorial on how to make your phone look like a camera.


Or if you are lazy, you can buy an instant camera iphone decal instead.


Ever thought about printing and displaying your Instagram photos? Photojojo has ideas for that too.



And, lastly, ever wish you could view your Instagrams on from computer? Did you want to make prints, postcards, or stickers? The you MUST check out 10 Totally New Ways to Play with Instagram. Love it! Now all I need is a new iphone...


pinksuedeshoe said...

I am in love with this post! Thanks so much for finding all this good stuff! LOVE IT! (and found like a million new things for my revolving wishlist :)

Rain said...

Oh my goodness! I swear, it's like crack! Now I want to get the cell phone lenses! Thanks Amy for further adding to the addiction! lol! ;)

3 o'clock walk said...

I love IG too! What's your username? Mine is Agneezy follow if you like ;) I didn't know they had lenses just for your iPhone? Craziness!

The Monster and Me said...

i looooove photojojo, i started following them as soon as i got into photography. so many great ideas


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