Weekend Recap

On Saturday, I had a mini party at my place with my long time friends, Irene and Christina (sisters). We've been friends since Irene and I first met in the second grade.

mini party

I even made ice cream cupcakes. I used a baking pan that was supposed to bake the cupcakes in the shape of cones. The only problem is that the "cones" wouldn't stand up on their own once they were frosted. I improvised by placing them in ice cream sundae glasses.

ice cream cupcakes

ice cream cupcakes

I took plenty of Instagrams, until my phone battery went dead.

Weekend in July

Highlights of my weekend were: shrimp raviolis from Olive Garden, berry lemonade, the cupcake display at Evangaline's, sweets from The Candy Barrel in Old Town, trying the "world famous" crab sandwich at Leatherby's and sharing (and almost finishing) a banana split with a life-long friend.

I also re-arranged my patio not too long ago. With Summer weather finally upon us, I needed to move my flowers into the shade.

chillin' with my gnomies

chillin' with my gnomies


Something else exciting? I started making jewelry again. I just might list some in my new shop. We'll see...

Wishing you all a happy week!


The Monster and Me said...

i loooove the cupcake display at Evangeline's too!! so cute

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