The "like" me giveaway

I've been playing around with my Facebook page and decided to do a little giveaway. The rules are simple: Just "like" the amy is the party page and you'll be entered to win. I will draw one lucky winner on Friday, August 12th at 6pm PST.


Signature Styles Giveaway

vintage spool necklaces

P.S.) In case you were wondering how I pimped my FB page, I will go ahead and share my little secret. I've been reading Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen. I've read two other popular social media books and I have to tell you, this book is completely out of their league! It is extremely infomative - I finally feel like I "get" Facebook. I also found the tutorial on the hyperarts blog particularly helpful. My new goal for this year is to become a social media expert.


Kim said...

Liked you page!

stina said...

your page looks great! and when you become that social media expert - do share! i could definitely use a little guidence. i should look for that book, i guess. :)

but congrats to a beautiful fb page, and i'm happy i found your new blog! (i was following you during the peptogirl era but lost you somehow after that) /Stina

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