DIY Mini: Easy Flower Pens

easy flower pens

I know you've seen these before - maybe in your doctor or dentist's office? I work in an office where people occasionally need to sign in at the front counter. And guess what? They are always taking off with our pens. Besides being a good theft deterrent system, these floral pens might be pretty next to a guestbook at a wedding.

All items were purchased from my local dollar store:
1 package of pens
1 bunch of plastic flowers
1 small vase
1 bag glass marbles
1 roll green floral tape

Total cost: $5
Amount of money saved on pens: Priceless

Simply cut the stems of the flower so that they are around 2-3 inches (no longer than the pens). Wrap the floral tape around both the pen and the stem, working your way up and then back down. Use extra tape where needed to hide any bumps in the stem. Once the pen is completely covered in tape (aside from the tip) you are ready to move on tot he next pen. Place these in a vase with some glass marbles or a flower pot.

People might feel silly writing with flowers but you can bet they won't accidentally walk off with your pens again!


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