Amy's 4th of July Treats

Jello Flag Cake

1 box white cake mix (or the ingredients to make a white cake from scratch)
2 (3 oz.) boxes red Jello
1 (8 oz.) container Cool Whip topping
9 x 13 baking dish

Bake cake according to package directions. After the cake has cooled (while still in the pan), poke holes all over with a large fork or knife. Mix Jello according to package directions, omitting 1 cup of cold water. Drizzle the liquid Jello over cake after it has cooled a bit (30 min. or so). Make sure Jello penetrates all holes. Chill several hours or overnight. Frost chilled cake with whipped topping. Then decorate with fresh blueberries and strawberry slices. It makes a very light & cool summer treat. Serve with a side of fireworks.

Jello Flag Cake

Another fun treat I decided to try this year - S'MORE Pops.

First, stick some lollipop sticks into the large sized marshmallows. I used the extra extra large campfire marshmallows because I've always wanted an excuse to buy them!

Next, melt a couple of plain chocolate bars on the stove (I used 2 regular sized chocolate bars for 6 extra extra large marshmallows). Careful just to melt the chocolate - don't overheat it or you'll end up with a lumpy mess that won't melt down. Let the melted chocolate cool a bit (so as not to melt your marshmallows).

Dip the marshmallows in the melted chocolate and sprinkle generously with graham cracker crumbs.

Enjoy your S'MOREs on a stick - no campfire needed!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th!


Tania said...

love the cake, I am not American, but just love to see how you all celebrate this day!

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