Summer Blog Party: SewTara's Summer Hair Accessory

Summer Blog Party

Tara of Sew Tara and I were lucky enough to be paired up for not one, but TWO different swaps. I envy her sewing skills and am overjoyed that she agreed to write a guest post. She's going to show you a super-cute DIY to protect your head in the Summer.

Ok I'm going to show you how to turn a hanky into a fun hair accessory for the summer. It's a super quick project that you can make with thrifted materials and probably things you have on hand, scraps material and a bit of elastic. I've burned my scalp already this summer and I'm hoping this is a cuter alternative to hats.

You will need
- a hanky you like
- a piece of elastic (mine was 7")
- a strip of fabric (3" x 15")
Other handy items - safety pin, turning tool,

I picked this one because it has a great pattern on one corner which is perfect because you're going to fold the hanky diagonally.

First fold the strip of fabric in half and sew down one side with a 1/4 inch seam.

Turn it right side out. This part was a bit tricky, I used my handy little turning tool, this long metal stick thing with a hook on it. Once you have it turned right side out take the elastic piece and feed it through the casing. Sew it in place at one end. Then pull the elastic through so it's sticking out the other side. It's easy to guide through if you put a safety pin on the end first.

The casing fabric should be all gathered up like a hair scrunchie.

Fold the hanky in half diagonally and sew the stitched up end of the elastic to one corner of the hanky.

Chceck to see how it fits on your head. I had to trim about an inch from the scrunchie piece. Once it's a comfortable tightness at the back of your head stitch the other end of the scrunchie piece to the other hanky corner.

And voila, a great cool summer alternative to hat head!

Here's my 'I'm not ready for a photo' frontal shot. Sorry for the sunny bit.

You can find Tara at www.sewtara.com.


Connie said...

What a great idea, Tara? I love those vintage hankies, but I would've never thought to wear them! So cute!

thursday said...

Love it Tara!! I think I might try one of these for Georgie!

Frances said...

Super cute! I think I'm going to try to whip one up before I leave for vacation tomorrow! Thanks so much!

casserole said...

Love it! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

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