Summer Blog Party: One Pearl Button's Summer Bandeau Top

Summer Blog Party

I had admired Alli from One Pearl Button and at some point we became blog buddies (commenting on each other's blogs). I love her Alli's sense of style - her stylish tutorials and outfit posts are my favorite. Today's tutorial is no exception, she is going to teach us how to make a Summer wardrobe staple!

Hello, Amy is the Party readers! I'm Alli from One Pearl Button. This summer, I am loving the look of drapey tanks and tees. The only problem is, they can get a little revealing! To keep the look modest, I've found bandeau tops to be perfect. They don't add much extra clothing (good for hot days), they don't have straps (I find most camisoles awkward under tanks), and they keep things covered. The prices that stores charge for bandeaus, however, are outrageous! $10 - $20 (and up) for a little bit of jersey? Not on my watch. Here's how you can make your own bandeau in three easy steps, using pennies worth of fabric. Let's get started!

What you'll need: two identical rectangles of jersey fabric, long enough to wrap around you and wide enough for however much coverage you'd like (be sure to leave a little extra for seam allowances!). You can use either 2-way or 4-way stretch; if you're using 2-way, make sure the stretch runs parallel to the long edges of the rectangle. For reference, my rectangles are 25x6", the size of yours will depend on your size and the stretchiness of your fabric. You'll also need a 6" piece of narrow elastic and basic sewing, cutting, and pressing supplies.

bandeau top 1

Step 1: Place the rectangles with their right sides together. Using a stretch straight stitch (if you have it, otherwise use a small zig-zag), stitch each long edge to make a tube. Flip the tube inside out through one of the open short ends and press the seams flat.

bandeau top 2

Step 2: Fold the tube in half and stitch the two short ends together to make a circle.

bandeau top 3

Try on the bandeau and make sure it's a good size. Walk around, sit down, jump, reach for things - you don't want to worry about it falling off! If it feels unstable, trim it down and re-sew the short ends together. Once the fit is good, finish the seam by pressing the seam allowance open, then "stitch in the ditch" along each side: working from the right side of the top, align your presser foot with the seam and stitch down each side. This makes the seam nice and neat.

bandeau top 4

Step 3: Take your elastic and affix it to the top of the band at the center front (wrong side of the band) with a few backstitches. Then pull the elastic tight and sew straight down the front (do not pull on the fabric).

bandeau top 5

bandeau top 6

That's all there is to it! Have a great summer everyone, and thank you Amy for inviting me to the party!!

Visit Alli at www.onepearlbutton.com.


Forget-Me-Not Designs said...

Thanks for the tutorial! It looks easy enough. I was looking for a bandeau to make to go under an infinity dress that I want to make but don't want to be too bare!

The Domesti~Babe said...

Awesome, can't wait to try! I'm just barely learning to sew, and this looks like my speed. ;) Thanks for the tutorial--this should be a great piece for working in the garden. :)

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