Summer Blog Party: Oh So Lovely Anthro Inspired Shirt

Summer Blog Party

Sherry of Oh So Lovely has a knack for sweet embroideries and vintage decor. Today she'll show off her sewing skills with a cute Anthro-inspired shirt makeover.

Hello, I'm Sherry from Oh So Lovely and I'm here to share a DIY project that can be done in less than 15 minutes. Summer is a very hot season, especially here in Oklahoma, so we wear things like t-shirts and flip flops often. But, who wants to wear an old t-shirt from college with writing on it or a solid, plain, boring shirt when we go out. I know that cute decorated shirts can cost a lot if they come from places like Anthropologie. I found this cute shirt online from anthro, but I knew I could make something similar for FREE. I happened to have 2 white shirts that I never wear because they're plain.



All you need for this DIY project is 2 shirts of the same color, lace, scissors, thread, and a sewing machine.


Step 1:
Cut your strips from the shirt you don't want to keep (if they're different). Cut a strip from the shirt that measures about 21 inches. Also, cut a 21 inch strip of lace.


Step 2:

Sew a straight line stitch down the middle of the fabric strip. Repeat this step for your strip of lace. Once you've stitched a line down the middle of both strips. Take one of the excess threads at the end and pull to make a ruffle, do this to the lace as well.


Step 3:
Arrange and pin down the 2 ruffles to the top of the shirt.


Now you're ready to sew your ruffle on and you're done. You can hand sew or use a sewing machine.


Thanks Amy for having me here to guest post for your summer blog party!

Visit Sherry at www.sherryturley.blogspot.com.


Faye Marie said...

I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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