Summer Blog Party: Leslie's Summer Makeup Must-haves

Summer Blog Party

I've asked my little sister, Leslie, to blog her Summer makeup must-haves from our all-time favorite brand, Benefit. My sister has a dream job - she works as Benefit's Director of First Impressions in San Francisco. You can read more about how she got her awesome job on the Benefit blog.

P.S.) I picked a good day for Leslie's post - today is her birthday AND the first official day of Summer.

Leslie CluckMy Attempt to Make-Up My Mind
When my sister asked me to write about my favorite products from Benefit Cosmetics, I thought it would be easy to pick a few of my favorites to share with you all. However, when it came time to pull out my Benefit collection I soon realized this would be more of a challenge than I expected. As you can see, I seem to have accumulated my fair share of Benefit products over the years that I just simply can’t live without. With that being said, here is my attempt to pick out a few of my absolute favorites from Benefit that I think everyone has got to try.

Although I am a long time Benefit fan, for some reason I was just recently introduced to ooh la lift, the ultimate solution to your under eye woes. My biggest dilemma when it comes to my face is my dark under eye circles. Just three dots under each eye and the raspberry extracts and light-reflecting pigments magically perk up my “tired” eyes. I reapply a few times a day to keep my eyes looking fresh and awake.

Summer Blog Party
(Leslie's Benefit Addiction Collection)

Posietint is AMAZING. It’s great for a subtle pink glow that literally lasts all day. The instructions say to apply straight onto the apple of your cheeks and use your fingers to blend, but personally I like to use a blush brush in order to achieve a richer color and to avoid pink stained fingertips. For an even brighter pop of color, I love to pair Posietint with my absolute favorite box o’ powder, Bella Bamba. This 3D watermelon blush was introduced earlier this year, and has become one of my top Benefit favorites. It has a slight
shimmer for a little sparkle and it is great if you want to make your cheeks stand out. It also comes with a compact blush brush, which works great for applying.

If you haven’t had a Benefit brow service before, you are definitely missing out! I had my brows waxed at a Benefit counter for the first time about five years ago and, since then, I won’t go anywhere else. I guarantee you will be amazed by how great you will look after. For in between those waxing services, there are two products that are excellent for keeping your brows well groomed and perfectly arched; the instant brow pencil and high brow. Use one end of your brow pencil to fill in sparse areas in your brows and the spoolie on the other end to brush those hairs into place. Use high brow under your arch to help conceal any strays.

Next on my list of must-haves is Benefit’s new mascara they’re real! It’s actually not on the market until July, but I have been one of the lucky few to try it early. This product made my lashes longer, and added volume and lift. To create even more dramatic volume, I like to pair they’re real! with Benefit’s Badgal lash mascara. The results are absolutely phenomenal.

Benefit makeup

As you can clearly see, I am a little obsessed with my favorite make-up brand. Of course, what’s not to love about Benefit’s adorable packaging, playful product names, and, of course, their pink counter?! Is there a make-up brand out there you exceptionally love? I’d love to hear about the make-up products you’re obsessed with!


b* said...

erase paste. i'm ALLABOUT the erase paste for under my eyes... translates really well on camera too, ive noticed. fellow benefit gal here, obviously :)

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

dying to try the ooh la la lift now, I'm always on the hunt for a good under eye product, I was born with dark circles it seems!

Kelly Bennett said...

Hi Amy!!!! Your sister is soooo lucky!!!! I just applied for the PR/ Marketing intern position at Benefit and I REALLY HOPE i get it!!!!!!! I would do anything to work there!!!! Wish me luck : )

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