Summer Blog Party: How to Throw a Party that Doesn't Suck

Summer Blog Party

How To Party

We've all been there. You know what I'm talking about. The party where the food ran out and you had to stop at Taco Bell on the way home. The party in 100 degree heat when the hosts forgot to provide beverages. And ice. The graduation party when you decided to cheat on your diet only to find out there's no cake. I could go on, but I won't. We've all attended them. I'm talking about parties that suck.

It's no wonder that people get frazzled when its time to host a party of their own. Party planning can be a daunting task. Relax, take a deep breath, and grab your party checklist. Here is my personal list of party planning Dos and Don'ts.

Party Dos

DO dish out responsibilities to dependable guests if they offer to help out.

DO introduce guests as they arrive.

DO plan some sort of entertainment or party games.

DIY Photobooth

DO keep a flexible schedule – start an activity early if guests seem bored or drop an activity if guest are having a good time on their own.

DO give guests something to take home (food, party favors, etc.)

mustache pops

Party Favor/ Swag Ideas

DO consider your audience. If children are expected to attend the party, make sure there are plenty of kid-friendly foods and activities to keep them entertained.

DO err on the side of too much rather than too little. You can always send guests home with party leftovers but you never want to run out of food or favors.


DO have at least a little food ready for your guests when they arrive. I went to a party once where the hosts didn’t start warming the appetizers until after the party started – the guest were burning their mouths eating appetizers right out of the oven and all of the food kept disappearing before the next batch was ready to be put out.

Party Don’ts

DON’T run out of food.


DON’T forget cold beverages (who likes a room temperature soda?) and ice if necessary.

DON’T forget dessert!

mini cupcakes


Owl Cake

DON’T plan complicated or overly cheesy games that guest are likely to lose interest in.

DON’T ignore your guests – be sure to make the rounds and visit with everyone.

DON’T be afraid to go all out (keeping time restraints and budget in mind). You want your party to be one that guests will remember.

party checklistDon't Forget
The most important aspect of any party is the guests - good company, family, friends. They are the ones who really make for a memorable party.

The second most important thing? A good party checklist, of course. I've created one for you to make sure you don't forget anything (download it below).

Party Checklist (PDF)

Think you're ready? If not, don't worry, I've got lots of party ideas coming your way this week. After I'm done, you'll be volunteering to host Thanksgiving or the annual Christmas Party - or maybe you'll decide to have a house-warming party after all. Party planning really isn't all that daunting. In fact, it's pretty darn fun.

Are you ready to get your party on???

I hosted an Etsy Craft Party recently. You can read all about it on the IndieSacramento blog.


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Jun. 21, 2011. Thanks again.

JaymiPop said...

Check, check, and check! Whew! I'm glad we haven't missing anything during out parties :)

amy is the party said...

Haha, your parties are always awesome, Jaymi! Tom goes above and beyond!

Kate said...

How cute is this post? I love party planning and definitely agree with all of your tips!

{I found your blog from Sacramento Connect!}

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