Summer Blog Party: DIY Photobooth - Part 2

Summer Blog Party

DIY Photobooth

For photobooth prop ideas, see yesterday's post, DIY Photobooth - Part 1.

There are a few different ways that you can do the actual photobooth. If you able, have a designated photographer snap photos. This method can result in more professional looking photos (like Elsie's) but unless you have a photographer friend, it can be a costlier option.

Another option is to set up a camera on a tripod with instructions for using the self timer. The downsides to this method are a less professional look and guests may have trouble using the timer on the camera. You might also have a table with an instant camera or disposable cameras for guests to use. Guests can take turns snapping photos of each other posing. This can create a fun experience and if your guests are any good with a camera you can get some good photos out of it.

The option that I choose to go with was to use a MacBook with the Photobooth program (similar programs exist for PCs).

DIY Photobooth

DIY Laptop Photbooth

1. Print an instruction sheet and place next to your laptop with simple instructions for using the photo program. Make sure the laptop is on and that the Photobooth program is the only thing on the screen.

With Photobooth, you can simply click a camera icon under the reflected image of yourself. Then you get 3 seconds to pose before the webcam snaps your picture. The photo saves automatically so it is very easy to use.

2. If using the laptop method, you'll need to set up the laptop on a table and provide chairs for guests.


3. Set up your backdrop opposite the computer screen. Make sure the placement of everything works for the photo frame.

Photo 19

Tip: When using a webcam, signs will be reflected so you'll need to write backwards!

Photo 21

Tip: Set up the photobooth in a shady place because you might get glare from the sun.

Photo 12

Tip: If setting up your photobooth outdoors, don't forget to consider the wind when choosing your backdrop!

Photo 8

Tip: If you don't have the email addresses of all of your guests, be sure to make an e-mail sign up sheet so that you know who to send the photos to. Upload all of the photos to a photo hosting site (like Flickr) and then send an email to party guests letting them know that they can view and download the photos online.


Tip: If you DO end up using Flickr to host your photos, you can visit Big Huge Labs and use their Photobooth utility to create vintage photo booth strips.

Etsy Party Photobooth Etsy Party Photobooth

Photobooths are definitely a cute way to create happy memories and mementos of your party!

I'll be back tomorrow with one more party-related post.


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