Summer Blog Party: DIY Photobooth - Part 1

Summer Blog Party

DIY Photobooth

Photobooths are all the rage right now and it's easy to see why. Photobooths provide fun entertainment to guests and the photos can even be given as favors.

First, you need to start with some fun Photobooth props. You can find all kinds of cool props on Etsy - but if you have a small budget (like I did) you can easily make your own.

You'll need:
* Felt in various colors - Stiff felt works the best, but you can also use regular felt + a fabric stiffener.
* Wooden Dowels
* Ribbon
* Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
* Scissors

Step 1: Draw shapes on the felt using a fabric pencil or marker. I found that a white gel pen worked well on black felt. Cut out the shapes. Ideas: mustaches, a beard, glasses, bow ties, hair bows, lips. You can use this tutorial if you wish to make a bow.

If you are using regular felt as opposed to stiff felt, you'll need to add an extra step. Coat the back of the felt shapes with fabric stiffener and let dry to ensure that the shapes don't flop around once they are attached to the stick.

DIY Photobooth Props

Step 2: Using a long piece of ribbon (ribbon still on the roll works great), glue one end of the ribbon to one end of the wooden dowel, using hot glue (because it dries fast). After the end of the ribbon is secure, wrap it around the dowel securely until you get to the end. Snip off the end of the ribbon and glue it securely in place.

Step 3: Glue the dowel to the back of your felt shapes.

DIY Photobooth Props

Step 4: Find a cute way to display your props. You might try displaying them in vases or in a vintage suitcase.

Other prop ideas include giant sunglasses or scissors, costumes, or chalkboards (The Monster and Me makes some cute ones).

Step 5: Make a sign so people know what the props are for.

DIY Photobooth Props

Step 6: Pick a backdrop for your photos. A vintage sheet or piece fabric makes a cute backdrop if you have a way to hang them. If you don't have a wall, try hanging them close-line style.

A plain wall or large piece of decorated cardboard can also work well.

Try hanging a banner in the background or add some balloons. Now you're ready to set up the photobooth.


Come back tomorrow for Part 2!


chrissy said...

these are great ideas! i simply must have that bow.. because bow ties are cool!


pinksuedeshoe said...

OK, the wrapped dowels are officially the cutest thing ever. Love that idea!

takeshi007 said...

Love those photo booth props idea and it is good to use on a kids party. Good job!

Branded Photo Booth

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