A little help from my friends: Say Hello to Jaymi from JaymiPop

a little help from my friends

I am SO lucky to be blessed with a terrific group of crafty friends. I thought it would be fun to invite some of my local peeps to guest blog here from time-to-time. A bonus is it'll help you get to know me better.

First up is Jaymi of JaymiPop and Cooo.

Jaymi first introduced herself at a local craft show. After an awkward first conversation (have I mentioned I'm shy?), Jaymi and I kept in touch and eventually became good friends. She and her husband, Tom, are definitely the hosts with the most! They throw the best parties. And I just adore Audrey and Baby Zoey. I am SO happy to be a part of their lives. Alright, enough mushy stuff...here's Jaymi...

Hello there!  I am Jaymi from JaymiPop and Amy is my dear friend.  As you already know, Amy and has pretty amazing style, a super adorable home, and is the best party thrower ever!  I still smile when I think about my baby shower

On to my post!  So lately, my life has been consumed with bows.  And I mean consumed!  I have spent every single free moment these past few weeks knitting bows in preparation of my first craft show with my new business.

 Plus my new tattoo.

And I happen to know that Amy really really likes these shoes from Modcloth.
Obsessing over bows isn't such a bad thing though, right?  'Cause they're AMAZING!

Check out some more bow inspiration found on Pinterest for your viewing and/or crafty pleasure.

Who doesn't love a Darlingtonia bow belt?

I think bows on the back of plain, pretty shoes should be mandatory.

So pretty.

If I had long hair, I would totally figure out how to do this.

I couldn't have a post on Amy's blog without cupcakes.

My dog definitely needs one of these.

I told Amy in the past that I would get this if she does ;)  I wonder if she remembers...
Shhhh...Jaymi, my mom is reading this! And yes, I remember ;)

This photo makes me want to grow out my hair.  Like now.

And finally.

I agree.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I would love to make a bow tie like that with my hair it's adorable! I have super curly hair though so sometimes if I add any details it kind of gets lost amongst the frizz haha

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