33 Things Progress Report

In January, I made a list of 33 Things that I'd like to achieve this year. I kept the list simple, fun, and achievable. I've been able to cross quite a few items off my list but I still have some to go.

1. Go to the gym AT LEAST 4 times per week, every week.
2. Learn to eat more "clean" - more fresh foods, less processed junk.
3. Get up to (at least) 1,500 followers.
4. Go dancing.
5. Go sledding & make a snowman.
6. Take more photos (for real).

I joined 365Project to help me achieve this goal.

7. Start taking sponsors on my blog. Working on it!
8. Go zip lining.
9. Go hiking in Tahoe.
10. Go camping. BOOKED!
11. Get a dog.
12. Get a new car. Or a new to me car.

2010 Toyota Matrix

13. Decorate a new home (house or apartment).


14. Shop at Trader Joes more.
15. Host a house-warming party.
16. Host a holiday or holiday party.
17. Go to the beach – a warm one!
18. Buy a new bathing suit.
19. Go on a road trip (maybe to Springfield).
20. Go somewhere with my dad (just him and I). PLANNED!
21. Visit my sister in the bay area and have a "girls" day.
22. Re-evaluate my business goals - maybe focus on my blog instead?
23. Blog makeover.

Blog Makeover

24. Buy a new TV.
25. Make cute mini donuts.

mini donuts

26. Learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Working on it!
27. Declutter. Turn up the music and clean.
28. Start jogging.
29. See a movie by myself.

Water for Elephants

30. Go on a date.
31. Have my wisdom tooth removed.
32. Go shopping at Walmart at Midnight.
33. Laugh more. Live more. Love more. Working on it!

What have you been able to cross off YOUR list this year? What goals are you still working on?


chrissy said...

what a great list! everything is really achievable. thanks for the 365 project link...i just may have to jump on that.


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