Blog Post #999: Dry Socket

They said it would be over in half an hour (it wasn’t). They said I wouldn’t feel a think (I did). They said I wouldn’t need stitches (got those). They said it will heal quickly (it didn’t) and that I’d be eating solid foods the next day (8 days later).

Due to a complicated extraction, I developed a condition called dry socket. Not fun. I was pretty out of it and grumpy last week, hence my lack of blog posts lately.

On Friday I was finally able to chew. Hooray!

Weekend thrills: baking cookies for my sister, girl talk, shopping, scoring a deal on designer sunglasses, naps, Vitamin D (aka sunshine), Starbucks, coral colored makeup, antique fair finds, and finally getting to eat solid foods.

I've been attending the Sacramento Antique Faire pretty regularly lately. I especially love the people who put extra time into their displays (check out my photos from last month). There were two booths in particular that struck my fancy — both appeared to be manned by a twenty-something crowd.

My finds included a Mid-century magazine stand (only $5!)

Sac Antique Fair find

AND a new S&P shaker set for my collection. I couldn't resist.

Sac Antique Fair find

Yesterday I had lunch at Suzie Burger, a 1960s Orbit/Philips 66 Gas Station that has been converted into a 50s style diner. Their cheeseburgers are pretty good and just about everything else (cheese steak, foot long hot dogs, fries, and shakes) are excellent. Fun atmosphere too.

Suzie Burger

foot long & fries from Suzie Burger

Suzie Burger

I have some fun things planned to celebrate my 1,000th post. It should be happening in the next couple of days, I'm still catching up after a week of not feeling so hot.

See you then!


Carrie said...

love the chair and the salt and pepper shaker is just too cute :)

emma said...

oh wow im cringeing in pain just reading about dry socket. YOUCH! you poor thing.

i love your mag rack - what a steal for $5!

and please mail me that bag of fries - sure i live on the other side of the world, but i'm sure they'd still taste good by the time they go there.

lauren said...

Your food posts never fail to make my stomach growl!! Sorry about the yuck mouth wisdom tooth nightmare...I'm happy you're eating again! And SCORE on the mag rack ;)

Alexandra Mason said...

ouch! i had the same thing last year, so painful!

Diana Monroe said...

Amy, when you said you were having that thing pulled, I thought to myself, "I hope she doesn't get a dry socket!"
I've had TWO so I can relate, bless your heart!

Hang in there!

(BTW, I've been a fan since the first Pimpstitch post!)

Kayleigh said...

I'm having three wisdom teeth removed on May 6th... (I have only ever had 3) I will be awake. I'm kind of scared!! :(

Claire said...

Great finds!
Love that S&P set!

Kate said...

Ewww I got dry sockets when I had my wisdom teeth out. No fun at all!

I've never been to the Sacramento Antique Faire but it is definitely on my list!

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