998 Blog Posts + Inspiration

Can you believe this is my 998th blog post? Time flies! I am planning a little blog celebration once I hit my 1,000th post. Put on your party clothes and stay tuned!

Last week I mentioned I was getting my "problem" wisdom tooth removed. Well, I had it taken out Thursday morning - and boy was it a problem tooth! It just DID NOT want to come out. It took about 2 hours for the oral surgeon to get it out and I was awake the whole 2 hours. Not fun. Here I am on day #5 and I still can't really eat solid foods. I thought an all ice cream diet would be fun. IT'S NOT.

I haven't been feeling so inspired lately. Luckily, lots of others are! Here are some lovely things I've found online:

Meg's colorful & confident makeover story - I love Elsie's suggestions for incorporating vintage into your everyday wardrobe

the Kate Spade's Wedding Shop (so pretty) link found via Green Wedding Shoes

Cross your fingers I'll be able to eat a real meal soon! And get ready to get your party on!


JaymiPop said...

AW, girl. I hope you feel better soon! We'll make sure you get a nice chewy steak on Sunday!!!

Jenn said...

i love Kate Spade's use of color <3 Hope you can eat normally again soon!!

MegaMi May said...

I'm so sorry about the tooth (cute magnet, though).
When my wisdom tooth grew I only ate baby food, for weeks. At least I lost weight... :P

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