Tour of Sacramento: Nationwide Freezer Meats

One of the things that I've "always wanted to" is to visit new places in town, specifically independent businesses that are unique to Sacramento. Not only do I want to visit new places but I want to take pictures and share my experiences. This means not feeling self-conscious about carrying around a camera or snapping photos when other people might "think I'm weird."

Besides, I AM weird.

Is that such a bad thing???

First up, Nationwide Freezer Meats. I'd been there once before and became enamored with their ginormous steak fries, against my better judgment. This place would definitely fit into the DIVE category, no doubt.

On Friday, I went with the regular old cheeseburger and fries - and a chocolate shake. They had a number of different shake flavors to choose from, including banana and pineapple. The shake came fully equipped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and maraschino cherry. Okay, so it didn't come in a fancy glass but let me tell you, YUM.

Nationwide Freezer Meats

Next came the cheeseburger and fries, with a little Dixie cup of ketchup, which I couldn't decide if it was cute or tacky.

Best cheeseburger in Midtown? It has my vote. You'll need to grab some extra napkins because this burger is MESSY.

Nationwide Freezer Meats

My only complaint about the fries is that they came piping hot and I think I may have actually burnt the inside of my stomach lining. Sooo good though.

Nationwide Freezer Meats

My final vote? Get your meal to go so your fries have time to cool down on the way home. Plus, you'll be able to forget that you ever questioned the cleanliness of the kitchen. I'm sure it's fine. Don't think. Just eat.


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