February Firsts

Create Your Life Challenge
* paid my very first Smud & PG&E bills (in my name)
* haggled over a price
* carried a chair 13 blocks
* ate a salmon BLT
* hung shelves using a level, not putting any more holes in the wall than needed!
* loaded and un-loaded a 100lb. (according to Ikea's product specs) wardrobe by myself -- okay, I cheated and took it out of the box before I brought it up stairs piece by piece. But I still did it ALL BY MYSELF. And I got it almost all the way assembled before I got tired. I'm thinking of becoming a part-time professional Ikea furniture assembler! I am starting to get good at this.

My goals for March (some firsts, some not) include finishing my curtain and throw pillow projects, starting a granny square quilt for the living room, taking a day trip somewhere new, possibly getting a wisdom tooth pulled (or at least get a consultation and set a date), go for walks around Midtown, and hit the gym at least 6 days per week for the entire month. Think I can do it?

P.S.) Lauren took my challenge! She has started a new project on her painting blog, is attempting to only buy what she needs, and gave brussel sprouts a second chance.

Step out of your comfort level -- join me and try something new, you just might like it! Create a fun and interesting life with me. Blog about it and I'll blog about you.

<3 Amy


lauren said...

You are awesome and inspiring, Amy! Once you've mastered assembing Ikea furniture without swearing, you can do ANYTHING. :) xo

Corey said...

I just stumbled upon your challenge! What's funny is, I just blogged about sewing curtains for the first time! I am not much of a sewing type crafter....but I am finding out I may like it more that I thought!

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