Lost & Found

You know how it is when you can't find something that you KNOW you already have -- and you refuse to buy another one because you just spent good money on the first one? That feeling sums up my week.

I was hoping to share my antiquing adventures and the progress I've made on my apartment. But all week long my camera batteries were NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. I also fought an uphill battle with the cold. I was ready to feel the warm sun on my back, to sport sandals and sun dresses, and freshly painted toenails. The weather thought better and instead I suffered through the rain in a drafty apartment (thank goodness for my savior, the electric blanket).

But enough about my random complaints for the week, I promised to share 2 new "firsts" with you. My first "first" is that I haggled for a chair at the Sacramento Antique Faire last weekend. I'm pretty quiet and haggling isn't really my thing. But I'm trying out new things so I thought I might give haggling a try...and it worked! I got a great deal on a beautiful chair.

the chair

Which leads me to my second first. After making my purchase, I trucked my chair 3 blocks to my car and was pretty happy to finally be able to put the chair down. Only, there was a problem. Said chair would not fit through the door (or trunk) of my compact car, no matter how I pushed. I sat the chair down for a moment and thought. My parents were out of town. I knew that my local friends were all unavailable due to plans or sickness, etc. What was I to do? The only solution I could come up with was to WALK the chair HOME. And so I carried the chair THIRTEEN BLOCKS. I have never before carried a chair 13 blocks and I would like to be able to say I never will again...but truthfully I can't promise I won't get myself into the same pickle next month. Although next time will more likely be a coffee table than a chair.

Other firsts for the month include paying my first PG&E and Smud bills. Not super exciting but a couple of important symbolic firsts.

I'll leave you with one recent thrift store find: a needlepoint owl that I couldn't pass up. I'm still deciding where it will reside.

kitchen + thrift store find

And in other news, my kitchen is coming along nicely.

kitchen + thrift store find

Here's to a week where the lost becomes found.

P.S.) In case you hadn't guessed, I found my camera batteries.


Audrey Crisp said...

Your kitchen is adorable!!

The Green Feather said...

13 blocks!!! That is dedication!

PS I cannot tell you how much I love your kitchen. I WANT. :)

Katie x

Mandy said...

What a great find - and definitely worth the workout! :) Loove that rug...it is from IKEA right? I've had my eye on it for our desk area.

sweet-n-salty girl said...

Thank you!

Mandy - the rug is from Ikea. Great deal too!

SewTara said...

Your kitchen is awesome! So fun.
Congrats on the chair, and the workout ;)

lauren said...

It's looking so cute over there! You prematurely angered the rain gods when you painted your toenails!! I have been holding out..so ready to cover them suckers up.

lisastuf said...

Love your kitchen and that needlepoint owl is awesome!
The chair is a great find...I live in Sacramento and I've never been to that faire, but my DIL loves vintage and old school stuff and she goes there a lot.
I keep telling her that I need to go with her!

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