a month in pictures

Internet - finally! Now let me get you up to speed on the last few weeks...

I had a birthday.

birthday gifts

The cupcake goodies came from the girls at work (so sweet). The photo (below) doesn't do my gifts justice but I got all kinds of super-cute home items from Lauren and Jaymi. Yes, that's a matching apron and rubber gloves (pink + zebra print, my favorite), some cute cupcake tea towels, individual cupcake holders (so cute!), silhouette bookends from Target (I had my eye on these!), a cute felt garland in "my colors" (made by Lauren), and more.

birthday gifts

We had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. This is what it took to get me to do the hula in front of strangers:

happy birthday to me

There was lots of un-packing.


I bought a couch off Craigslist and made two trips to Ikea.


The decorating will probably continue for several weeks.



I love my kitchen.

above my stove

my kitchen

Home sweet home.

welcome home

Do you feel caught up now???


Beth McC. said...

Where oh Where did you get that Owl door mat?? I love it!

lauren said...

Your place is looking cuter and cuter!! So wish I could have a white sofa... xo

JaymiPop said...

The sofa and rug are perfect in your living room space!!!! Hopefully you'll find an awesome coffee table on Sunday. Yay!

Melissa Haworth said...

Looks great. Your apartment looks adorable and your decor makes it even better. Way to go!

Nick said...

your place looks amazing! you've done such a great job and you're definitely inspiring me for when we get our place soon.
also happy belated birthday!

emma said...

haha oops! i just left that last comment in my brothers account instead of mine. im sure he would love your new place too though :)

The Green Feather said...

Oh my goodness your home is amazing! I want it!

Katie x

Lissa said...

Love your home!!!

MiMi's Studio said...

Happy belated b'day! Love your home - it's beautiful! And love all of those OWLS! :)

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