gray + yellow living room

I've been busy working on setting up my bedroom all week - trying to make my new apartment into a "home." The kitchen was easy - it was done the first day! The living room is more difficult as I hardly have anything to fill it. I think I found a sofa (going to look at it on Sunday). Here are some ideas I've been playing with...

living room

color crush: yellow & gray

I promise to supply you with "real" photos soon. I'm getting internet next week!


The Monster and Me said...

love it!

Cat said...

I love the gray and yellow together! Can't wait to see your new place!

I'm with Leia said...

That's such a nice colour combo :) Can't wait to see the result - so happy colours :)

have a nice weekend,


Katie said...

eee can't wait to see proper pics - grey and yellow is my favourite combination!

Katie @ The Green Feather x

lauren said...

So pretty! Can't wait to see it. I'm ready to fire up the sewing machine for you, just say the word! :)

emma said...

love it!! i've been eying of the yellow trollska too! i love the yellow - its still another 6 months til we move into our place but i'm trying to do lots of mood boards and i love yours!

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