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My birthday is coming up soon and it's time for another Elsie inspired list – 33 things to do before I turn 33. Last year, I made a list of resolutions. There was a lot of things that I didn’t complete but I was able to check off a few big ones.

Here’s what I DID do:
* Got a library card
* Took on fewer projects
* Learned to sew a tote bag (Thanks, Melissa!) – then promptly forgot
* Made a pom-pom wreath
* Found a job
* And purchased the yarn for that granny square quilt I planned to make (Hey, it’s a start)

Here are 33 things that I want to complete this year. I think they are all fun — except for #31 — and they are all achievable, except maybe #11, which depends on my living situation.

1. Go to the gym ATLEAST 4 times per week, every week.
2. Learn to eat more "clean" - more fresh foods, less processed junk.
3. Get up to (at least) 1,500 followers.
4. Go dancing.
5. Go sledding & make a snowman.
6. Take more photos (for real).
7. Start taking sponsors on my blog.
8. Go zip lining.
9. Go hiking in Tahoe.
10. Go camping.
11. Get a dog.
12. Get a new car. Or a new to me car.
13. Decorate a new home (house or apartment).
14. Shop at Trader Joes more.
15. Host a house-warming party.
16. Host a holiday or holiday party.
17. Go to the beach – a warm one!
18. Buy a new bathing suit.
19. Go on a road trip (maybe to Springfield).
20. Go somewhere with my dad (just him and I).
21. Visit my sister in the bay area and have a “girls” day.
22. Re-evaluate my business goals - maybe focus on my blog instead?
23. Blog makeover.
24. Buy a new TV.
25. Make cute mini donuts.
26. Learn more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
27. Declutter. Turn up the music and clean.
28. Start jogging.
29. See a movie by myself.
30. Go on a date.
31. Have my wisdom teeth removed.
32. Go shopping at Walmart at Midnight.
33. Laugh more. Live more. Love more.

I'm looking forward to crossing these puppies off my list and sharing my progress with you.


Melissa Haworth said...

happy almost birthday! I should do this too but I'm older so would have to do more stuff ;)

classy broad said...

great list!
i also made a list, inspired by elsie & nicole (making it lovely).

good luck on your goals! <3


Jacki said...

This is a great list! I love that you've got a combination of practical and fun things to do! Good luck, I enjoy hearing about it as you tick each one off!

taylah said...

good luck with your goals! they sound fun (except for the wisdom teeth) and i hope you achieve them all! x

cbryan said...

Ha, getting dental work is on my list of things to do before my birthday too. LAME! But alas, necessary. Everything else sounds like fun! (Try shopping at walmart at 3 in the morning... sadly I've done that.)

Anna said...

love your list!
11. hope you are able to get a dog. we rescued our little pupcakes in july & I can't imagine life without her.
20. I love roadtrips with my dad. We go to atleast one auction a month.
31. I had my wisdom teeth out & it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Good Luck and happy soon to be birthday!!

lauren said...

We are gonna knock some of those off your list this year!! Promise :)

I'm with Leia said...

Happy birthday - I'm about to make myself a similar list...although I found your ambitious but achievable...i think mine will be a bit smaller....Thanks for the inspiration, have a nice day and weekend.

love from Copeenhagen

Ani said...

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