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I was super-excited when my sister found out she would be interning for one of our all time favorite makeup companies this semester — Benefit! I've been dying to share some of my favorite must-have products. I tried to narrow it down as much as possible...The Benefit counter is designed to look like a candy store, which makes the products completely irresistible.

1. "that gal" brightening face primer
Instead of using "that gal" as a primer, I apply it on top of my foundation with a blush or powder brush for a radiant glow. On days that I don't feel like wearing foundation, I wear it alone for a soft glowing complexion — the iridescence reflects light away from imperfections.

2. instant brow pencil
My brows are super light blonde so I rely on instant brow for, well, instant brows! It's quick and easy to fill in my brows and the color looks natural — not red like many other brow pencils.

3. eye bright pencil
I love this for camouflaging dark circles and fine lines! I originally saw this trick on What Not to Wear, and although they didn't specify the brand, I recognized the product. I use this pencil on top of my under eye concealer. The light pink iridescent color reflects light and brightens the under-eye area without all the cakiness of heavy concealer.

4. high brow pencil
Another product with a pretty iridescent sheen, this pencil is meant for the area right under your brows. It camouflages stray brow hairs and makes my eyes look larger. I've also recently started using a bit under my bottom lashes and/or on the bottom rim of my eyes.

5. "stay, don't stray" stay-put primer for concealers & eyeshadows
Love this stuff! I use it on my eye lids and under my eyes. It covers beautifully and is a great foundation for eye shadow. Keeps eye shadow looking great all day long.

6. high beam luminescent complexion enhancer
This product is similar in color to "that gal" but with a little more umph. I use it to highlight the top of my cheekbones.

7. All You Need Is Gloss *Special Edition Gloss Set
This gloss set is perfect for someone like me who can't decide on a color. Who Are You Wearing (passion fruit pink) and Back to the Fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia) are my favorite shades. What can I say? I like pink.

8. dandelion brightening face powder
The dandelion brightening face powder is the perfect blush for a fair complexion. It gives my cheeks a nice subtle rosy hue.

P.S.) I wasn't paid in money or makeup to write this post. But I wish I had been!


ohyouprettythings said...

Benefit makes me happy! :] The packaging is so adorable! Love everything about it!

Rain said...

My favorites include High Beam, Dr. Feel Good, Bad Gal Eye & Bad Gal Lash!!!

lauren said...

I want it all!!!

katie jean said...

I love benefit too! I think the packaging and product names are just part of the best thing about them!!

Jessica said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!!

I just bought Carmella, Benefit's newest scent & I'm completely in love...sigh

JaymiPop said...

Oh my gosh! Your sister is one lucky gal!!!! I love Benefit!

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