If you are on my "nice" list

then you might receive a box of these...




If you are on my "naughty" list then I might be able to find someone who will eat your share.

<3 Amy


JaymiPop said...

Wowza! I sure hope I'm on your nice list <3

sweet-n-salty girl said...

haha! You are but I don't think I'm going to see you before they get stale ;)

Mom2fur said...

Beautiful! Are those pretty white ones Butterballs, aka Meltaways? I made some of those this year, among other cookies. Don't you loe how people's eyes light up when they see home-baked Christmas cookies?

BTW, maybe you can freeze JaymiPop's cookies until you see him/her. Most cookies freeze beautifully.

sweet-n-salty girl said...

Good idea! So far, I have been afraid to freeze cookies. I think I'll test each kind in the freezer and see how they do. It would sure save on stress for next year!

I call the white ones snowballs. I recently saw them in a magazine and they were called Mexican Wedding Cookies. They are basically shortbread rolled in powdered sugar.

emma said...

how's about sending some to sydney? pretty please?
but seriously your cookies looke delicious! you have some very lucky friends... and is that fugde i spy?

lauren said...

Those are beautiful, Amy! Love the boxes..you know me and packaging! Merry Christmas to you!! xo.

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