ArtCar fest

Yesterday was the grand re-opening of the Crocker Art Museum, here in Sacramento. I figured I'd wait to see it until the crowds died down but then I found out they were having an ArtCar fest. I do love me some art cars. Of course, I forgot my camera so you'll have to settle for some crummy phone pics of my favorites.

We're saving the inside of the museum for a day with smaller crowds, but the art cars were a fun way to end the weekend.


stefani said...

What neat cars! It looks like fun. :-)

Claire said...

That ladybird one is adorable!

Emily said...

You seem to find the best events to go to! I live pretty close (In Folsom) but never know whats going on!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Is that last one chalkboard paint? Because if so that is seriously the coolest thing ever.

sweet-n-salty girl said...

Yeah, you could go up and draw on it if you wanted. pretty cool.

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