happy weekend

My weekend went pretty much like this. I met up with Jaymi and Lauren on Saturday afternoon and we headed over to the soft-opening of the Never Felt Better shop on K and 24th Streets. The shop was super-duper cute and filled with lots of handmade and vegan goodies. A couple of my favorite items were these adorable headphones by Late to the Revolution.

I can't wait to do my holiday shopping there. After checking out some awesome handmade goods, we headed downstairs to Sugar Plum Vegan, where we snacked on carrot cake cupcakes. We finally headed over to Stitch Swap where I traded for a couple of nice blazers for work, a cheetah print shirt, and 2 shirt dresses (I'll pair them with jeans or leggings).

In between swapping, we snuck over to Nationwide Freezer Meats for a snack and refreshments. I have to admit, the place was a bit divey and I was kind of scared to eat there (I think we all were). But, seriously, best fries EVER. It looks like they've gotten lots of awards for their burgers so I'll definitely go back for a burger one of these days.

20051026 Enormous French Fries

After a couple more pit stops (aka shopping), we headed back to Jaymi's house where her husband, Tom, had the yummiest sliders waiting for us in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. Thanks, Tom!

I spent Sunday reading, relaxing, and shopping with my mom before returning to work today.

How was YOUR weekend?


janel. said...

Because of you, I know own some cute bear headphones!!! Amazing find!! Thank you cuteness!!

JaymiPop said...

Yay! I had a super fun day with you guys! I had no idea that burger place was called Nationwide Freezer Meets! Hilarious! Tom would probably love to try out the burgers there too. Double Date + Audrey?

yours truly dear said...

aww sounds so fun!! we hung out a lot with our friends and whatnot. the weekend went by wayyy too fast though. yikes!

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