Renegade friends

Renegade photobooth
Amy (that's me!), Lauren, Jaymi and Jenn = Renegade pals 4-ever!

Renegade friends
Jaymi + little Audrey + me + Emma + Elsie

Emma and I are wearing JaymiPop necklaces and Elsie is wearing a goody-goody bow.

Meeting Elsie and Emma in person was awesome. They are both super-sweet and it was so exciting to see them decked out in our wares! I'm going to try and plan a trip to Springfield for the grand-opening of their new business venture. Can't wait!

We didn't get home 'til around 11pm last night and I had to go to work bright and early today so I am one sleepy girl! I'll post more Renegade updates this week, including photos of our booth, my brand-new business name, and all the handmade goodies I came home with.

P.S.) Did you see this? On the second day of Renegade, Elsie sported my sparrow necklace, while Emma wore my bow stud earrings in teal (see photo below).

Elsie wearing sparrow necklace


Okay, off to bed for reals this time!


Cori Crooks said...

Awesome! Love the "Sweet-n-Salty" bows! Wish I could have made it out to see you all!! Darn my car!

taylah said...

just a guess... sweet n salty as the new name? ;)

Nicole said...

I hope that your shop will carry that sparrow necklace because it is definitely on my want list!

goody-goody said...

That was the best craft show. ever. Can't believe that's my bow on Elsie! Pinch me!

Breena Nunez said...

I really loved your booth! I wish I had more time to pick out a nice pair of earrings, but my friend's and I were pressed for time.

thursday said...

This looks like so much fun! I so wish I could have been there!

And thank you SO much for picking up one of my aprons. The one you chose is one of my favourites. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Liz said...

So amazing; glad I got to hug you!

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