It's about time

I FINALLY finished and photographed a couple of projects from RVA's Summer Camp.

RVA Summer Camp Embroidery

summer log

summer log

Yep, that's it. I finished 2 whole projects so far! These past few months have been crazy busy and lately I feel like I'm being pulled in sooo many directions at once. My new camera arrived in the mail today and I'm making a bit of progress with my 4 goals. Can't wait to share!

P.S.) I really do have a giveaway coming soon. Now that I have a new camera, I can take a proper photo of the prizes. Stay tuned!


Tara said...

You've done 2 more projects than me!

I don't know what it is, I was right up to date with Style School but since then I haven't kept up with an online class at all! It's kind of pathetic really.

yours truly dear said...

good job, these are cute!!

Rachel Beyer said...

So cute! I am a fellow RVA Camper. I've also had trouble keeping up with the summer camp projects. I've only done the embroidery and the journal projects. The next one I really wanna do is the chandelier!


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