I Like You

I don't really care to participate in the recent blog drama that's been going around, but just for the record, I DO like:

* cute fingernail polish AND cute shoes AND photos of cute polish and cute shoes
* cupcakes
* cute outfits and photos of bloggers who wear cute outfits
* happy mail
* crafting classes
* weheartit
* selfless promotion (in moderation)
* hipstamatic, Polaroid, Instax, and other cute photos
* cute giveaways
* ending blog posts with XOXO, Love, or <3

If that makes me uncool, then I'm okay with that.

Thinking of doing a giveaway soon.



Thera Joyce said...

Me too! I love all those things!

Thera Joyce

MarySew said...

I like that too (okay, except for the hipstamatic pictures, because that app makes it hard to recognize anything on a picture *lol*) but I HATE that drama going on.

you're not uncool

Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...

I am there with you ! XOXO

yours truly dear said...

i'm out of the blog drama loop i suppose... but umm yeah i like all those things too haha. now i'm curious...

JaymiPop said...

haha! You are so uncool Amy!

Just make sure your giveaway is a good one...according to the HER standards anyway.

For the record though, SHE does have a decent point that too many bloggers seem to be losing their originality lately. Do things because you actually love them, not because you think it's "cool".

Ps. I like most of those things too <3

Consider my dear said...

I just wanted to say thanks for the extras in my package. The funniest thing is that you gave me one of the yellow buttons. I'm part time moving into my boyfriends house and we were picking things from mine to bring to his. His fridge has no magnets so I picked the yellow button you gave me from the pin cushion swap. Thats the exact one you gave me. :)

Also you are the coolest Amy!

The Monster and Me said...

woot woot. dont worry Amy, we like you too.

i-zilla said...

omg i love all those uncool things too!


p.s. i don't think it's weird to smell your cats, especially if they smell nice!

Hearthandmade said...

i also saw this blog drama! it upset me slightly - purely because im sensitive and i was brought up on... if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

ellecupcake said...

you are so cute. REALLY.. your posts make me smile. thanks..

Skooks said...

I am so completely not in the know about this, but I'm fine with that. I say post what you love and those that love it too will continue to read. :)

lauren said...

I'm an out-of-the-loop mama of two, but I do know that you should love things because they make you happy. And happiness is what we're all after, right?
xo, Love, <3 (ha! I did all 3!)

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