Happy Birthday to a special lady

Today would be my Grams' birthday. She passed away last year but I promised I would always celebrate her birthday with her favorite lemon-lime cake (recipe, here).


my Grams at Renegade SF, July 2009

A little bit about my Grams:

Grams NEVER buy you socks and underwear. On second thought, sometimes they DO buy you socks but only the silliest and most unpractical socks. Grams buy the fun presents. They buy the presents your parents won't buy. They especially like to buy the noisy presents.

Grams like to dance and sing and aren't afraid to be silly.

Grams play skee-ball. And let YOU spend the tickets.

Grams make orange (and sometimes root beer) floats.

Grams say it's okay to eat strawberry shortcake for breakfast.

Grams teach you how to bake Christmas cookies.

Grams wear nightgowns that say "Wild Thing."

Grams buy Happy Meals. Especially when they come with Beanie Babies. And sometimes they just buy Beanie Babies.

Grams always have well-stocked candy jars and make pancakes with faces.

Grams like frogs. Or at least they pretend they like frogs to humor their Grams' Kids.

When you ask how a Grams is, she tells you "mean and miserable."

Grams don't just own books. They own a whole library.

Grams love flowers and lemon-lime cake in the summer.

Grams make a food called "green stuff." And her Grams' Kids eat it. AND like it.

Grams love their Grams Kids "a bushel and a peck."

And lastly, the #1 thing a Grams likes to do is spoil her Grams' Kids.

Gram's 71st birthday

Happy Birthday, Grams!
<3 Amy


MarySew said...

Happy Birthday Amy's Grams!

yours truly dear said...

what a sweet lady. i think its great you still celebrate her birthday :]

JaymiPop said...

Aww, your Grams post put a smile on my face and a wee tear in my eye.

Stephanie ;) said...

this is such a sweet post. you're so great for doing this for her. :)

aimZ blingZ said...

I can feel the love in your post! Put a big smile on my face!!!

katie jean said...

yes, happy birthday gram! It doesn't seem like a year has gone by. I think this post would make her laugh! and she would be proud.

yumptatious said...

I am going to print this out and when I am a Grams, I will use this as my template. What a fabulous woman! Happy Birthday, Amy's Gram!

Claire said...

What a lovely, lovely post!!!

I still have traditions I keep with my nana

Cori Crooks said...

Beautiful post Amy! Grandmas are forever.

lauren said...

So sweet, Amy. She's still with you in so many ways.

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