Goodbye Summer

Well Hello there! Long time no see! 

The last few weeks have been filled with last minute trips, visits with old friends, and just about anything else I am hoping to squeeze in before the Summer passes me by.

I made this yummy strawberry pie a couple of weeks ago. The perfect way to end the Summer.

strawberry pie

Start with a pre-made graham cracker crust, one 4 oz. box of strawberry Jello, some fresh sliced strawberries, and a small tub of Cool Whip.

Make the Jello as directed and let cool.

Mix approx. 3/4 (maybe a little less) of the Jello with 2 cups (or so) Cool Whip and spread in the bottom of the crust. The crust should be about 3/4 full.

Cover the top of the pie with sliced strawberries and pour on the remaining Jello.

Refrigerated for 6-8 hours.

Serve with a side of whip cream and enjoy!

Hopefully that keeps you occupied for a bit. Be back later this week!
<3 Amy


i-zilla said...

um....that looks delicious. i could sit on the couch and eat that whole thing!

Hearthandmade said...

i love cheesecake. however.. ireland is gay and it has done nothing but rain since june and now the sun is coming out but is still quite cold...

but still good and sunny for eating cheese cakes!

Rebecca said...

ooh that looks delicious! x

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