4 Simple Goals

I'm joining in on Elsie's challenge to come up with 4 simple goals that will improve and enrich my daily life. I still have a few items left to complete on my resolutions list for the year so I'm using that for inspiration.

Goal 1: Get a library card AND use it!

Goal 2: I've been slacking in the health department and keep putting off switching gyms. This is one that I'd like to do by next week, in addition to improving my diet.

Goal 3: Come up with some ideas for creatively photographing my jewelry (and other products).

Goal 4: Finally finish my macrame owl (and show my blog readers how to make one of their very own). This one will enrich my life because it will be so nice to have a cute wall-hanging instead of the "in-progress" mess that has been sitting in my craft area for months. Plus, it's always fun to make my blog readers happy.

I choose 4 achievable goals that have been on my "to-do" list for awhile. I will update you on my progress in the coming weeks and will let you know what prizes I have decided to award myself for each one.

Do you have any goals for the coming weeks and months? Will you join me?

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Rebecca said...

What a great idea! The owl looks amazing, can't wait to see a pic of it finished :) x

yours truly dear said...

love your goals. i need to get working on mine now :] good luck! (and definitely keep us posted!)

Laura Wynn said...

I love the owl!! What fun goals. I'm exited for this too :)

katie jean said...

cute owl macrame! I still remember the one I made in 6th grade :)

Campfire Chic said...

I have to tell you: I read your 4 simple goals before heading out for some errands today, and after reading a not-so-happy email I drove to the library and got a card! You inspired me to get one and it totally made my day :)


Mrs. Miller said...

love all of your goals, i hope to sit down and think of mine soon! :)

Geek+Nerd said...

So with you on the library card! Another one of my goals is to have one internet free day per week. Tomorrow is my first -eep!

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