Thursday Favorites

I'm in love with these aprons by My Girl Thursday 
(link courtesy of Danielle Thompson)

and a new dream home by Elsie

Speaking of Elsie, we're going to be booth neighbors at Renegade next weekend!
I CANNOT tell you how excited I am. And if all goes right, I'll be debuting my new business name...which means you'll find out what it is soon enough....can't can't wait to share.

Happy Thursday!


Thera Joyce said...

I love those aprons! They're super cute!

lo said...

awh apron love <3

JaymiPop said...

Eeep! Those aprons are pretty amazing!

Oh, and I can't wait to see your new diplay and shop name! I'm sure it'll be sweet!

thursday said...

Oops! I completely missed this in my reader. Thanks so much for the mention Amy!

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