product crush: Lush

I'd like to start featuring some of my favorite bath & beauty products here from time to time, since I am such a product (and makeup) junkie. I especially fall for those items with pretty packaging — and trust me, when I visit Lush in person I feel like a kid in a candy store. The sales people are usually a bit over-friendly but that might be my anti-social tendencies talking. Not everyone pre-shops online like I do.

My favorite products? I can't live without my Dream Cream and Dream Wash! My skin is super-sensitive and I often have problems with eczema on my legs. I avoid scented body washes like the plague. I originally purchased the Dream Wash because I wanted a body wash that I could use without irritation. Sensitive girls deserve body wash too, right?

Neither the wash nor lotion have much of a scent but they are infused with ingredients like soothing calamine and lavender. I'm happy to report that the products lock the moisture in my normally dry legs (where even dermatologist recommended lotions failed) and my eczema has disappeared. It's a dream come true!

As far as shopping online: I was disappointed that there was no "spend $__ get free shipping" policy but when I saw how reasonable the shipping was, I didn't mind. In fact, I was able to upgrade to 2-day shipping for a measly $2.

P.S.) I was not asked or paid by Lush to do this review. But I wish I was!


Cherry Red Studio said...

im a sucker for packaging too! thats one reason i havent started selling some of my handmade bath and body products-because i dont have awesome packaging! (besides the fact that liability insurance is outrageous!) sometimes if its really pretty buti know i wont use it-i buy it anyway haha

Bethany said...

Oh!!! Question! I am 27 years old and just this year I got the most AWFUL exzema infection on my lower leg - it was absolutely horrible! I've never had it before in my life and all of a sudden I got that terrible outbreak that lasted for months, along with a small patch on my elbow and another on my hand. Out of NOWHERE. I finally got rid of it with a very powerful steroid cream. Did you always have exzema or did yours start later in life? Either way - I'm thrilled you posted this because (shhh) I didn't shave my leg for THREE MONTHS because I couldn't use soap or shaving cream. I've lusted for LUSH products for a while now but have never bought anything. Thanks for sharing :)

Peptogirl said...

aww...I'm sorry to hear that. Eczema is no fun! I had it in my teenage years and then it kind of went away but it came back in my late 20s. Luckily I don't have a really bad case but it's still uncomfortable. I like the Lush products better than anything else I've tried. I forgot to mention that the Dream Wash doubles as a shaving lotion!

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