10 pounds to new shoes

After getting settled at my new job, I am finally back into a rhythm of going to the gym and eating healthy again. I'd like to start running again soon, but I'm going to need a new pair of running shoes. I've been wanting to try toning shoes since they came out and I think it would be fun to give the Reebok Runtones a go — but they're pretty pricey. So I made a deal with myself. When I lose 10 more pounds (not one pound less), I get to buy them.

I reach a goal AND I get new shoes — it's a win-win situation. Plus, this way, it gives me time to save up!


Melissa Haworth said...

Good luck on the shoe goal! I was thinking of you Saturday--I went for a run by your place. Hope all is well.

lauren said...

And they're pink, too! You can do it!

The Monster and Me said...

Woooo good luck Amy! I am trying to loose 10lbs too by next second sat. I need new shoes super bad though i was going to get under armor running shoes, i heard they were ridiculously awesome, pricey but worth it

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