Stitch Love: Take 1

In honor of Stitch School ending, I wanted to show you some creative things that others have done with embroidery. I am hoping you will leave feeling inspired and wanting to take up embroidery yourself! Here goes...

mini canvas by Oh Hi shop

keychain and brooch by LOVA . REVOLUTIONARY

framed owl by RachelMckay

This DIY for embroidered logs can be found on Design Sponge

embroidered buttons by teasemade

embroidered sachets by Crooked Sister

embroidered journals by nowvember

embroidered yo-yo by Deep in the Woods

embroidered brooch by Maggie Makes

pillow sham by Shams and Coverups

embroidered earring holder by andwabisabi

cross-stitch necklace by Nea

embroidered bird brooch by Little Red Lantern

Stay tuned for more stitch love!


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