new blog design: JaymiPop

This week, I did a blog design for my friend Jaymi. She has a fun blog about crafting, family, life, and fashion. And she has the cutest little redhead for a daughter!

Jaymi has a whole new lineup of cute blog topics on the horizon so be sure to follow her!


JaymiPop screenshot

P.S.) I've always had a really hard time drawing people, but I think her banner came out pretty good! Do you see a resemblance?


JaymiPop said...

Yay!!!! Thank you sooooo much!

Jessica said...

great work!

Kristen said...

Absolutely! I can see the resemblance. It's really cute.

Sal said...

i think you've got it spot on!

Patricia said...

I can totally see it! Congratulations!!! Love the palette too!

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