Fashion Friday: Roller Derby Style

Inspired by the movie Whip It, I thought I'd bring you some derby-inspired fashion inspiration. I, myself, have fantasies of joining my local roller derby, but there's one problem — I hate falling. So for now I must love vicariously through others...


Pea. said...

I really want to see Whip It! It comes out here (in the UK) on the 9th. It looks so good :)

What did you make of it?


Anna said...

i haven't seen the movie yet,& I can't even skate but I love that ring.

CupcakeClaudia said...

Lol!!! Well, i joined the London Rockin Rollers in September last year and i can honestly say hand on heart, Roller Derby saved my soul!!!
Roller girls are amazing and failing is not an option, give it a go! (i don't do failing, believe me, but it's humbling, hard work and ultimately worth it, and no, i'm not on a team yet..just passed my intermediate skills test!)
I saw the film back in November when it was screened for media. I loved it, it's a bit wacky but it really nails down the feeling of friendship and empowerment it gives you.
I cannot wait to take my husband to watch it!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Two of my friends joined a Roller Derby team this year - I can't wait to go to one of their matches! It sounds like so much fun.

Paula Ga said...

i love whip it!!!

gnomeangel said...

I'm currently doing Freshmeat, and I like you am paranoid about falling but you know what, they teach you how to fall with style and in the least painful way.

Besides, you're wearing so much protective gear it's pretty hard to do any major damage.

You should give it a try, you might surprise yourself :)

Love the derby love - thanks for creating and sharing! :)

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