Style Crush: mint

{click on the images for their source}

(Mint chip ice cream is my favorite.)

Here's to a minty fresh Spring!


i-zilla said...

nail art! swoon! those cuppycakes look delish! i may have to make another batch soon!


i love these, & mint choc chip is my favourite too :)


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Mmmm....mint chocolate chip is my favorite, too! Chocolate+mint=love.

Melissa Haworth said...

I made some terrible mint ice cream the other night--tasted like toothpaste :( Guess I used the wrong kind of mint extract.

BTW, huge congrats on your guest posting gig over at A Beautiful Mess. That seems so fun and perfect for you and I've been meaning to leave a comment.

Cat said...

<3 MINT! :) Hey, we were just talking about Spring mint hehe! Love the photos!


Tara said...

I LOOOOOOVE mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! Every time I go for ice cream I think, 'hrm I'll get something different this time, live a little' then when it's my turn and they ask me I get the mint.
Such an adventurer I am.

Angie said...

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite too! I told my husband if I'm ever on my death bed to make sure that I have some when I want it! lol

katie said...

both of the cameras are so cute!!

Patricia said...

Amazing selection! I would frame most pics for a wall in my house!


kim.tiffany said...

Those colors are just breathtaking. You just sweetened my day!

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