Style Crush: bold eye shadow

I'm pretty pale, so I'm not sure how well I could pull off this look, but I do love it! So 80s.

from http://veera.blogg.no/

 from http://www.elfinha.com/

from http://tinybuddha.com/blog/do-happy-look-longer/

from http://www.esterique.co.il/closeup.asp?imgId=325

 from http://pineappleupsidedown.tumblr.com/


Christina Herum said...

Oh, how I love eyeshadow. I will have to try the first one you shared and the fourth one for sure. Too much fun...thank for sharing!

Anne said...

All the models are pale too. I think you'd be fine.

Jenn said...

I think it looks gorgeous! You can always choose colors thatlook good with your skin tone and eye color :)

Tracy said...

I'm in love with these images. Makes me wish (almost) that I was young enough to pull off this eyeshadow. :)

i-zilla said...

i would think it's better if your pale because then the colors will pop ever more!

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